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Tips and Tricks: SymTrain FAQs

Here’s a recap of our recent Tips and Tricks session, where we discussed frequently asked questions about SymTrain to enhance your experience and utilization of our platform. This session was packed with insights on managing user activities, improving scoring accuracy, and streamlining simulation creation and management.

The Key Takeaways from the SymTrain FAQs Session

  • Daily Activity Reporting: Users can view daily activity reports for training participants. Reports are accessible by organizational admins, Sym creators, or managers, particularly useful for monitoring progress and participation during training sessions.
  • Bulk User Management: Users can be added or deactivated in bulk using a CSV template, which must be formatted correctly (case-sensitive fields) to avoid errors. This feature facilitates efficient management of large groups of trainees.
  • Scoring System in Simulations: Scoring is based primarily on the use of keywords within simulations. If no keywords are set, or if the simulation is navigational-only, a score of zero is recorded. Upcoming improvements to the scoring system were also hinted at, aiming for more comprehensive assessment capabilities.
  • Simulation Creation and Editing: Creating and editing simulations is streamlined, allowing for quick adjustments and updates. Audio and chat simulations are noted as particularly quick to set up. Keywords important for scoring can be highlighted and notated directly in the script.
  • Alternative Keywords and Phrases: Alternative expressions can be included to allow for varied but correct responses from trainees, enhancing the simulation’s flexibility and realism.
  • Overview and Instructional Videos: Users can add overview videos to simulations, which helps set expectations and provide guidance. These videos have a file size limit and should be concise, especially for coaching experienced agents.
  • Personalizing Syms with Own Voice: Adding personal voice recordings to simulations is possible, enhancing the personal touch and effectiveness of training, especially where tone and delivery are crucial.
  • Efficient Sharing and Accessibility: Simulations can be shared via links, making them easily accessible through learning management systems or direct messaging platforms. This feature supports quick dissemination and accessibility.
  • Cloning and Customizing Syms: Syms can be cloned and customized to target different learning stages or specific coaching moments, making it easy to adapt content for varied training needs.

Catch Up!

For more in-depth explanations and visual guides on this topic, you are encouraged to watch the full session video. Check it out to see these features in action and get more detailed insights into making the most of SymTrain’s capabilities.

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