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Tips and Tricks: Training Plans

In the most recent Tips and Tricks session, Jamie Leckband offered a complete overview of SymTrain’s new product: Training Plans, a tool that simplifies the creation of curriculum-based training.

Product Overview

Training Plans is designed to streamline the process of creating and managing training curriculums. With the ability to set success criteria, including completion requirements and test parameters, Training Plans provides a flexible yet structured approach to learning. Users can specify how many times a module needs to be completed, even in test mode, and define what constitutes a passing score.

Functionality Highlights

  • Setting Parameters: Trainers can set specific parameters for test modes, allowing for customization of the training experience according to different learning outcomes.
  • Module Completions: Users have the ability to limit the number of attempts for each module. For instance, if a module is set to one completion (1X) in the test mode, it will shade out after the one attempt.
  • Sequential Learning: Training Plans can be structured to ensure sequential learning, where agents must complete all exercises from Day 1 before moving on to Day 2. However, if Day 2 is assigned, learners will see it but have the option to lock it until Day 1 is completed successfully.
  • Reporting and Analytics: A specialized report for Training Plans is in the works, set to launch alongside the product. This report will allow trainers to monitor and assess the progress of learners effectively.

Training Plans is poised to be a robust solution for trainers looking to customize and control the training process. With its upcoming release, the team is committed to ensuring that it meets the diverse needs of its users, with features that support both structured learning paths and detailed progress reports.

Watch It Again!

We invite you to watch the full session in the video. Discover firsthand how this technology can optimize your training strategy, improve agent performance, and ultimately elevate customer service standards.

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