Tips and Tricks: Valuable Data from SymTrain Reporting

In a recent session led by Tanveer Ahmed, Implementation Manager at SymTrain, valuable tips were shared on how SymTrain’s reporting can be leveraged to gain deeper insights into agent performance. Ahmed, emphasized the importance of operational KPIs and how they can be effectively monitored and enhanced through SymTrain’s reporting capabilities.

  1. Understanding Agent Engagement with Simulations: One of the first insights SymTrain reports provide is whether trainees are engaging with the simulations (Syms). By analyzing data, trainers can identify which simulations are not being attempted, leading to potential root cause analysis and necessary adjustments.
  2. Performance Analysis over Time: SymTrain’s reports allow for detailed comparison of performance on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. This helps in understanding trends and making informed decisions about training strategies.
  3. Addressing Specific Training Challenges: For instance, addressing increased wrap-up times identified in reports. SymTrain helped a client reduce wrap-up times by integrating coaching tips into their simulations, reminding agents to complete account notes efficiently.
  4. Customization for Varied Client Needs: The platform’s versatility was highlighted through its ability to cater to different client expectations, including those from BPOs who are keen on tracking KPI progress.
  5. Enhancing Training Quality and Trainer Performance: SymTrain not only monitors agent performance but also the effectiveness of trainers. By analyzing which trainers’ simulations are most effective, it provides insights into training quality and areas for improvement.
  6. Operational Impact of Simulations: The ultimate goal of SymTrain’s simulations is to positively impact operational KPIs such as Average Handle Time (AHT), script adherence, and keyword utilization. The reporting helps in refining simulations that are not meeting these objectives.

We invite you to watch the insightful video of the session, so you don’t miss the critical aspects of extracting and interpreting valuable data from various SymTrain reports to enhance agent performance.

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