Training Empathy Through AI Coaching

SymTrain sets itself apart from the competition by implementing AI at a level that has never been seen before in automated role-plays. Our training methods are not only more effective in teaching call fundamentals but also in training empathy through AI coaching.

Utilizing AI Coaching for Automated Role-Plays

Our intelligent AI, Coach Sym, listens and evaluates the performance of each role-play as your agents complete them. In addition to assessing knowledge and proficiency in systems navigation, it also uses voice analysis to detect accuracy, tone, and empathy. 

As your agents go through each scenario, Coach Sym offers guidance and feedback during the simulation. Then, it generates targeted and immediate feedback, highlighting which call elements were done well and where there is room for improvement.

Moving Beyond Call Fundamentals

Many programs can accurately assess the use of keywords and efficiency in systems navigation, but few move beyond the call fundamentals. However, Coach Sym provides greater insights into an agent’s performance and assists in training empathy through AI coaching. 

Signaling and listening for the use of keywords and phrases will allow you to hone in on teaching the soft skills of customer service. This intuitive assessment also lets you tailor your coaching strategy and offer personalized support where each person needs it.

The Importance of Empathy in the Customer Experience 

Our current clients have already witnessed how engaging in these workplace simulations has better prepared their employees for real-world situations. Although their jobs require a high level of knowledge and skill, you can’t ignore the importance of empathy to the customer experience. It plays a crucial role in creating positive customer interactions. 

Learning how to empathize with customers will help your agents to communicate more effectively and increase understanding on both sides of the conversation. Using AI to reinforce these soft skills and practice empathy during simulated role-plays will ensure that your team is ready to deal with difficult situations. Without a doubt, placing a higher emphasis on teaching empathy through AI coaching will lead to better solutions and more satisfied customers.

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