Screen the Top Candidates in 30%
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And Watch Them Reach Speed to Green
in 50% the Usual Time with No Nesting

Build a highly skilled professional workforce, ready to answer all sorts of customer interactions regarding transportation and logistics services. What sets SymTrain apart is its capability to deliver personalized and tailored training for the unique needs of each specific agent. 

Have every agent handle every dispatch or transportation scheduling with the utmost care and precision, ensuring that your brand’s voice and approach shine through in every interaction. With SymTrain as the ally of every agent, you can trust that your callers will experience the highest level of service, making a lasting impression and fostering strong customer relationships.

Discover how transportation companies are achieving faster decision-making with a 3-8% reduction in AHT in logistics interactions

Pain Points

Adapting to Tracking Systems

New agents may struggle with adapting rapidly to sophisticated logistics software, which often they truly learn just until they are with a live customer.

New Terms and Regulations

New agents often encounter a steep learning curve when it comes to understanding the intricacies of terms and regulations, which can be overwhelming.

Customer Service Demands

Agents often serve as the primary interface with customers, facing the pressure of addressing inquiries while dealing with complex logistics scenarios.

Learn how AI and data are completely transforming the transportation and logistics industry across many levels

Ready-to-Deploy Training Solutions for Transportation & Logistics


SymTrain provides agents with AI-driven training modules that teach them how to optimize transportation schedules using customer’s prompts.


SymTrain equips agents with the skills to handle unexpected issues in the dispatching process while talking to a live customer.

Customer Care

Agents are taught how to anticipate customer needs and resolve logistics issues proactively using
AI-driven feedback.

Data Entry

SymTrain focuses on enhancing data accuracy through AI-powered simulations of data entry while using the actual system.

Transforming Onboarding and Cost Savings in Just Weeks

SymTrain is a game-changer for workforce development and cost optimization tailored for the transportation and logistics BPO industry. One striking feature of SymTrain lies in its capacity to substantially streamline the onboarding process. On average, organizations adopting SymTrain witness an astounding 50 to 70% reduction in the time required to bring new agents up to proficiency. This translates into your team being primed to deliver results at an accelerated pace, contributing significantly to heightened operational efficiency and productivity.

SymTrain is equally efficient about achieving tangible cost efficiencies. SymTrain consistently delivers a noteworthy 4 to 7% reduction in the cost-to-serve metric within an exceptionally brief timeframe, typically spanning just 6 to 8 weeks. This rapid cost reduction translates directly into substantial savings for your transportation and logistics operation.

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