Turn Frontline Agents into CX Superheroes

Onboarding agents remotely is proving to be more difficult than in-person training. As a result, agents are less prepared, and companies have higher rates of attrition. New hires get less facetime with trainers and find it harder to ask questions or seek one-on-one help when they don’t share the same physical space. But you don’t need to accept lower standards or less desirable outcomes. Change the game now by leveraging technology to improve results instead of simply enabling content delivery.

Raising the Bar to Create Masters of the Customer Service

Trainers don’t always know who needs more support or additional training. It’s hard to gauge the level of each agent’s comprehension, especially if they don’t speak up or ask for help. Quizzes and tests help trainers assess knowledge, but the best way to assess comprehension is through instructor-led role-play exercises. Unfortunately, there simply isn’t enough time to practice every scenario with each agent in class.  

However, adding SymTrain to your curriculum can increase the frequency and amount of practice each agent receives. Athletes, pilots, artists, and doctors all show us how important practice is to improve our skills.  Now, automated role-plays provide one more way to deliver situational practice, set achievement standards, and get the results you need. 

Furthermore, it creates an example of how to apply knowledge and raises the bar on performance.  And the instructor-led, guided coaching with immediate feedback ensures that each attempt is better than the last. Increasing situational practice through automated role-plays will allow your agents to develop their skills and become masters of the customer service experience.

Give Your Agents Superpowers with SymTrain

Even if you don’t have enough available human resources to provide adequate one-on-one repetition and consistent reinforcement, you don’t have to short-change your employees during their training.

SymTrain can fill the void. Our intuitive AI, Coach Sym, provides the individualized training and guided practice they need. It sets a standard, and most importantly, ensures that each agent receives the same consistent feedback on their actual performance. They can also revisit skills or scenarios whenever necessary, even when they have already successfully completed a sym. 

Additionally, automated role-play increases engagement for new hires. It enables agents to build confidence and develop skills to perform better and faster through repetition. They practice at their own pace with reinforcement and increasing complexity to achieve skill mastery. With SymTrain in your digital toolbox, your agents can become customer experience superheroes.  You improve KPIs and raise the bar, while simultaneously removing the crutch of remote training.

Imagine a World Filled with CX Superheroes

With SymTrain, you can transform your entire workforce into a team of customer experience superheroes. Not only do you have a streamlined training curriculum, but it will also improve the overall customer experience. Agents who are better trained and more confident in their abilities spend less time searching for answers, place customers on hold less frequently, and resolve issues correctly the first time. When your training and operations teams combine forces, they work together to create better learning content and drive better outcomes.

If you want to see what the power of SymTrain can do for you, contact us to schedule a demo, and let us become a part of your origin story.

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