Create and Cultivate a Profit Utilities Center

Have Your Agents Capture Sales and Drive More Upselling and Cross-Selling Opportunities

Are inefficient voice interactions impeding your business progress?

SymTrain is designed to target and improve agents’ performance since pre-hire assessment. Easy to implement for any industry, our platform aims to optimize your utilities contact center operations. By leveraging our technology, your agents will seize sales more efficiently but also open avenues for upselling and cross-selling.

Utilities companies are experiencing substantial improvements in politeness metrics, empathy scores, and prompt issue resolution with AI Coaching

Industry Challenges

Smooth Agent Hiring

Ensuring a seamless onboarding process demands a strategic optimization to enhance the efficiency and speed of talent acquisition.

Streamlined Customer Support

Companies struggle to achieve a harmonized and responsive customer support team that requires agents to meet evolving customer expectations.

Effective Collection Services

Agents are lacking precision and empathy to navigate the complexities of financial interactions while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Interested in getting a detailed and definitive view of the reality of implementing and using AI in your operations?

The Best Solutions for Utilities Contact Centers

Customer Service and Inquiries

Agents can practice assisting customers with billing inquiries, service disruptions, and account management, ensuring a positive interaction by providing accurate information and resolving concerns efficiently.

Outage Management

Create scenarios that enable agents to quickly identify and address utility service outages, keeping customers informed about the status, estimated resolution times, and any necessary steps to mitigate the impact.

Payment Processing and Collections

Agents navigate through the process of payments, learning how to assist customers with billing-related concerns, and collections with empathy and professionalism, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.


Energy Efficiency Consultation

Agents rehearse how to offer guidance to customers on optimizing energy consumption, promoting sustainable company practices, and informing them about utility programs and incentives that align with their energy-saving goals.


SymTrain’s Promise: Reduced Early Attrition

SymTrain’s implementation targets early issues in the utilities sector like early attrition, a prevalent concern in contact centers where new hires often depart shortly after training completion. With attrition rates ranging from 20% to 60%, SymTrain employs a dual strategy:

  • Primarily, the focus is on enhancing individuals’ readiness for their roles to reduce premature exits.
  • And secondly, emphasizing early identification of individuals who might not be the right fit, enabling organizations to proactively prevent unproductive hires, thereby streamlining the recruitment process. 

With this approach, SymTrain has achieved a comprehensive enhancement in overall performance, successfully diminishing attrition rates at key intervals for many clients, specifically within the crucial 90-day, 180-day, and 360-day periods.

Fast-track proficiency and achieve conversion rates 3X higher


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