Sit Down With SymTrain, episode 2: AI-Powered Coaching & Agent Assist — Friends or Foes? hosted by Erin Wilson. special guest David Paine

Episode 2: AI Coaching & Agent Assist, Friends or Foes?

Sit Down With SymTrain, Hosted by: Erin Wilson

Episode 2:
AI-Powered Coaching & Agent Assist – Friends of Foes?

Episode guest: David Paine, Head of Global Solutions Consulting, Minerva CQ

There is no shortage of AI-powered solutions promising to improve you contact center metrics. In Episode 2 of Sit Down with SymTrain, Erin Wilson invites agent assist solution advocate, David Paine, to discuss whether there’s room for both agent assist and automated coaching solutions in the contact center — so you can decide how best to invest. 

During what is sure to be a lively half hour you’ll learn:

  • The core differences between automated coaching and agent assist solutions
  • Whether there’s space in the market for both types of solutions
  • How best to allocate your precious operating dollars

About the Guest

I am a seasoned SaaS Technology Professional with 25+ years of customer experience based solutions, strategic planning, and leadership experience in a software engineering environment. Professional focal points include communication skills, analytical expertise, and the ability to adapt to ever-changing situations in a fast-paced environment. Delivering superior administration in these areas expertise requires utilization of effective interpersonal skills, technical acumen, and a keen eye for detail, as well as independent problem-solving, critical thinking, strategic planning, time management, and resource allocation expertise to support overall efficiency and deliver optimal results.

David Paine, Head of Global Solutions Consulting, Minerva CQ
David Paine, contact center leader

About the Show

Sit Down with SymTrain is a 30-min, interview-style webinar series that brings expert guests from all around the learning and development, contact center, and AI world to share ideas and inform your agent training strategy. Grab a coffee, join us for an insightful half hour, and get ready to challenge the status quo. Each episode will leave you inspired to rethink the way you train and coach. Because, as Erin likes to say: to be better, you must first be different.

About the Host

Erin Wilson Head of Marketing SymTrain and Sit Down with SymTrain host.

A charismatic technocrat, Erin pair technical expertise with business acumen to absorb complex concepts and effectively communicate solutions to non-technical audiences – on the fly. As SymTrain’s Head of Marketing, Erin challenges customers in the contact center, AI, learning and development industries to creatively apply technology to their most strategic initiatives. Erin resides in Hollywood, FL.