Sit Down with SymTrain: Harnessing GenAI and Coaching Plans

In the insightful latest episode of Sit Down With SymTrain: Harnessing GenAI and Coaching Plans, Liz Powell, VP of Customer Operations, and Reece Lincoln, AI/ML Technical Lead at SymTrain, explored the transformative role of generative AI in contact center training and coaching.

  • Realistic Training Scenarios: The focus was on moving beyond traditional, scripted training methods. The new approach emphasizes simulations that reflect the unpredictability and complexity of actual customer interactions, preparing agents for a variety of real-world scenarios.
  • Handling Challenging Conversations: Special attention is given to training agents in managing difficult calls. This aspect is particularly crucial for seasoned agents, equipping them with strategies to navigate complex interactions effectively.
  • AI-Driven Performance Insights: Utilizing AI to analyze extensive performance data helps identify successful patterns and behaviors. These insights are vital in crafting more effective and personalized coaching plans.
  • Optimizing with AI in Data-Rich Environments: The data-intensive nature of contact centers makes them ideal for implementing AI. This technology can drive significant insights, enhancing both the training process and outcomes.
  • Evolving Coaching Strategies: AI technology is reshaping traditional coaching methods. By integrating AI insights into coaching plans, training becomes more adaptive, targeted, and efficient.

This webinar represents a crucial step forward in understanding how AI can crucially impact training and coaching in contact centers. For a deeper look into these innovative strategies, be sure to watch the full video of the session, where these concepts are explored in detail, promising a significant impact on the future of agent training.

Sit Down with SymTrain is a 30-min, interview-style webinar series that brings expert guests from all around the learning and development, contact center, and AI world to share ideas and inform your agent training strategy. Grab a coffee, join us for an insightful half hour, and get ready to challenge the status quo. Each episode will leave you inspired to rethink the way you train and coach.