The SymTrain Solution

SymTrain is a SaaS solution, delivered through your web browser, that greatly reduces the cost of operating an effective contact center. We shorten your agents’ time to proficiency by prescreening applicants, simulating role-play, eliminating nesting, measuring competence and confidence, and automating coaching.

SymTrain is the only solution that will benchmark your team throughout their entire employment lifecycle – we help you identify the ideal agent profile based on using data previously uncollected during the onboarding and training phases.

How SymTraining Works

Agent learning on SymTrain gain hands-on experience with your contact center’s applications¬†and conversations. By presenting simulated customer conversations to agents, they can practice not just what they say, but also how they say it and what they do (literally) while conversing with a client. This helps them build confidence working with applications like CRM and ticketing systems and the multi-tasking skills they need to succeed with customers.

Supervisors and training creators enjoy SymTrain’s hands-on, DIY nature to simulation – or “Sym” – creation. Whether they upload existing, proven training scenarios, use AI to create Syms from call recordings, or generate them from our proprietary large-language model, SymTrain makes it easy to get going and to maintain control over your training and coaching program. No middle man required.

Solutions for Many Industries and Business Functions

Transportation & Logistics

Optimize your team's performance by ensuring they are well-prepared to excel in the dynamic world of logistics. SymTrain hones their abilities to tackle intricate delivery schedules, shifting transport demands, and customer-centric communication strategies.


Elevate your collection rate by ensuring your agents are well-prepared to excel in various collections scenarios. SymTrain sharpens their skills in overcoming objections, adapting to different debtor profiles, and achieving the most effective and empathetic communication.

Financial Services

Complicated systems plus strict compliance regulations can make for long training and re-skilling cycles. Reduce your agent time to proficiency by creating targeted simulations that focus on the specific skills your team need to develop for financial services scenarios.


When empathy is as crucial as efficiency, coaching can become challenging. SymTrain assists your healthcare agents in improving their operational skills and navigating systems during call surges with members and patients, enhancing their tone and communication.


Bringing clients on quickly keeps your profit margins intact, but to retain them, you cannot sacrifice quality. Be sure to automate role-play and help your agents come up to speed 50% faster. Then use coaching to ensure they represent every brand your work with like it's their own.

Consumer Banking

SymTrain equips agents with the knowledge to navigate complex financial scenarios, adapt to customer profiles, and deliver effective client interactions. Elevate your consumer banking operations with SymTrain, and let your agents become proficient 50% faster.

Revolutionize How You Train and Coach

Get results with SymTrain in as little as two weeks!