Why Consider SymTrain in Your Contact Center?

Finding innovative ways to optimize agent training and coaching in a contact center can significantly impact productivity and customer satisfaction. That’s where SymTrain comes into play. 

SymTrain is an innovative AI-powered simulation coaching tool designed specifically for contact centers. By automating training and coaching processes, SymTrain significantly accelerates agent’s speed to proficiency, resulting in substantial cost savings for your organization.

Reasons to consider SymTrain for AI-powered coaching in your contact center.

Lower AHT and cost savings in your contact center

One of the key benefits of SymTrain is its ability to reduce Average Handling Time (AHT). SymTrain delivered, on average, a 3-8% reduction in AHT for our customers. Consider the impact on a 5,000 seat contact center saving an average of 15 seconds per interaction, with an average agent minute salary of $0.25. These time savings may seem small on an individual basis, but when multiplied by the volume of interactions, the impact becomes substantial.

By adopting SymTrain, organizations can save an impressive $32,000 per day. The reduction in AHT directly translates into cost savings, allowing contact centers to optimize their operations and allocate resources more efficiently.

Simulation-based training

Traditionally, agents receive on-the-job training by interacting with customers directly. This approach can lead to suboptimal experiences for both agents and customers. Simulations provide a controlled environment where agents can gain hands-on experience, build their skills, and boost their confidence before handling real customer interactions.

SymTrain helps reduce or even eliminate nesting periods by providing a simulated environment that replicates real-world scenarios. New agents can quickly gain the necessary skills and knowledge to handle customer interactions independently.

With SymTrain, reskilling can also be achieved in just one-third of the time compared to traditional methods because SymTrain allows you to forgo the classroom and immediately begin practicing on real-world scenarios. This enables agents to practice and refine their skills more efficiently, ensuring they stay up-to-date with evolving customer needs and industry requirements.

Customize the training process 

Supervisory teams often struggle to provide personalized coaching to every agent due to time constraints. SymTrain addresses this challenge by utilizing AI technology to analyze agent performance. This analysis enables contact centers to provide personalized coaching based on individual strengths and weaknesses, empowering agents to improve their skills and enhance their overall performance. 

SymTrain also offers simulations that allow contact center managers to benchmark agent’s performance and identify individuals who have the potential to excel. Contact centers can now identify those who are more likely to succeed in the role, ensuring a stronger and more capable workforce.

It is important to say that agents who undergo training with SymTrain report experiencing twice the confidence compared to those who solely rely on traditional training methods. This increased confidence positively impacts their interactions with customers leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Improve your hiring practices

With a clear understanding of what success looks like inside your contact center, based on benchmarking data provided by SymTrain, contact centers can now better model and screen for the ideal candidate. By pre-testing candidates on simulations, you streamline the screening process and quickly assess candidate’s abilities. This is how SymTrain also helps contact centers to hire 22% faster, ensuring an agile and responsive workforce.

Get an exceptional ROI

The implementation of SymTrain yields a significant return on investment (ROI) for contact centers. Organizations have reported a remarkable 30 – 50x ROI by reducing AHT, enhancing efficiency, and optimizing training processes. 

These cost savings, along with improved customer satisfaction and increased agent productivity, contribute to a rapid payback period and long-term financial benefits when using SymTrain.

So why add SymTrain to your contact center technology portfolio? Simple. Because practice makes profits.

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