Why Invest Upskilling Contact Center Agents?

In order to establish a highly efficient contact center, it is imperative for business owners to furnish agents with appropriate tools and resources that facilitate productive operations, minimizing unnecessary challenges.

According to Forbes, one of the most important ways to achieve successful operations in this industry is to train your team with the highest standards. The absence of prioritized agent training can lead to caller frustration, ultimately resulting in detrimental effects on a business.

This notion emphasizes the criticality of agent training for the success of a contact center. A thriving contact center heavily relies on agents who have undergone training utilizing updated methodologies. Such comprehensive approach enables agents to effectively navigate the inherent variability of contact center calls. Consequently, the most successful businesses are characterized by agents who possess exceptional skills in handling a wide array of situations, ensuring optimal customer experiences.

But, by being a professional charged with overseeing the day-to-day operations and staffing with the goal of achieving maximum efficiency and profitability, contact center operations managers usually don’t have the time or human numbers to train their agents themselves. 

That is why they have to make the right decisions at the right time to improve the skills of their staff. According to some studies, managers only allocate 7% of their time to coaching. With so little time to spare, strategies to train and upskill need to be updated. 

Well trained agents are a crucial goal for three reasons:

  • For every dollar invested in enhancing customer experience through trained agents, companies enjoy a remarkable $3 in ROI.
  • Top of the line agents mean better quality in service, which translates into more clients.
  • This results in improved customer satisfaction, which means lower AHT and higher FCR.

Therefore, neglecting the training of your employees can have detrimental effects such as: 

  • Reduced productivity.
  • Elevated turnover rates.
  • Negative influence on team morale. 

This not only incurs higher expenses for hiring and training but also stifles the potential growth of both your employees and the overall company.

The Benefits of Investing in Top of the Line Training

  • More Competent Agents: Through training programs, agents can acquire and develop key skills such as effective communication, problem solving, and empathy. This translates into more positive and satisfying interactions with customers. Well-trained agents can understand customer needs and concerns, provide quick and effective solutions, and convey a professional company image.
  • Talent Retention and Performance Improvement: Investing in agent training and upskilling also has a significant impact on talent retention. Agents value career growth opportunities and are encouraged to see their employers invest in their development. Ongoing training not only improves their current performance, but also prepares them for more responsible roles in the future.
  • A Differentiator in a Competitive Market: In a competitive contact center market, agent training becomes a key differentiator. Contact centers that invest in agent training can deliver superior customer service and stand out from the competition. This translates into increased customer loyalty and the ability to attract new business.
  • Taking Advantage of Evolving Training Technologies: The positive impact that AI can have on agent performance is not limited to real-time interaction guidance. The ability to hear and understand voice interactions means that AI-powered solutions can also help agents solve problems. Intelligent assistants therefore help to improve first contact resolution rates, increase accuracy and reduce handling times, thereby improving customer service. 

Speaking of Training Technology

Investing in tech is key. In that regard, AI-Powered simulation tools are driving training to success really fast. SymTrain, a platform that automates agent training and coaching through AI, helps reduce or even eliminate nesting periods by providing a simulated environment that replicates real-world scenarios. 

  • Organizations report a remarkable 30 – 50x ROI
  • Companies report 3-8% reduction in AHT
  • Companies have enhanced operational efficiency
  • They sure show operational cost savings thanks to being able to hire 22% quicker

The Overall Strategic Approach of Training Investment

So, by now you know that investing in agent training and upskilling is a strategic decision that drives the long-term growth and success of a contact center. By including training in the operating budget, contact center operations managers will always be: 

  • Investing in their organization’s most valuable asset
  • Improving current performance
  • Laying the foundation for future success
  • Enabling the achievement of lasting business goals

Don’t overlook the true cost of skipping training. Take into account the potential expenses associated with decreased productivity, high employee turnover, and the loss of customers due to errors made by inadequately trained staff.

Remember, the training and satisfaction of your employees are invaluable assets, just as important as the workforce itself.

Find out more on how AI-powered simulations work:

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