Jim Madden is All-In on Automated Role-Play

Why I’m All-in on AI Role-Play for Contact Center Agents 

By: Jim Madden, COO SymTrain 

At my core, I’m a businessperson, who just happens to have spent the last 26 years passionately advocating for better contact center practices. Because contact centers, with their heavy reliance on personnel, are often riddled with inefficiency and burdened by excessive employee turnover.  I believe automated role-play for contact centers will change the economics of turnover; let me explain why.

While leading a large BPO, I searched for opportunities to improve the bottom line and agents’ lives. That quest led me to agent enablement, empowering customers with self-service, and automating quality programs. While we successfully improved profitability by 8 points, there was still a big gap.  

Contact center riddled with empty cubicles due to the notoriously high turn-over rate in the contact center that has a SymTrain: Because Practice Makes Profits logo on the wall.

I saw the same kinds of challenges while leading go to market (GTM) teams at large software companies. No matter how much process we put around the sales motion, the results from QA were the same: the reps perform unequally and turnover is extreme.  

Practice Levels the Playing Field

Instinctively we knew we needed to instill more practice into onboarding and through coaching —because practice makes profits. But we simply didn’t have the time or resources to role-play with every agent, everyday.  

That’s why I’m so excited about simulated role-play for contact centers. Practicing on realistic, simulated conversations gives every rep the reps required to navigate customer calls like a top-performer. While agents develop confidence, they also hone their proficiency with business applications — enabling them to better “walk and chew gum” while on with customers. Additionally reps receive AI-powered feedback about their tone and other soft skills.

Hands-down, SymTrain is the quickest and easiest way to improve performance by 3-6% within 60 days, without integrations. Because SymTrain allows my team to benefit from role-play exercises without tying up resources and measures the results. Supervisors and agents alike now understand their performance regarding application competency and the way they speak to customers.  

Green-sanded hour glass to symbolize the fleeting nature of the opportunity to differentiate your contact center learning and development program using simulated coaching

It’s Time to Automate Role-Play!

Now, I’m happy to share these results with my network and the businesses I’ve advised, patronized, and admired over the years. Finally we can take action on the results of quality programs and automate the onboarding and coaching of our contact center teams! 

To learn more about how SymTrain can transform your training program request a free consultation. Or for those ready to try SymTrain’s breakthrough automated role-play solution firsthand, I invite you to sign up for a free trial today and get results in 2 weeks!  

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